Weighs in on Prestage plant

To the editor:

Our supervisors are voting on putting a hog-killing machine in Wright County. This will entail rezoning, roads may need upgrading, water and sewer, too. I’ve heard that the water they use will come from the already stressed Jordan aquifer. This will be accomplished by a company called Prestage. I hope and pray this company takes good care of their employees, that I have heard can have life changing job injuries from the high pressure of getting 10,000 hogs through the butchering process in a day. That’s a lot of blood and guts.

Why Iowa?

What about other towns in Iowa that have had processing plants come and go?

Don’t they have infrastructure of roads and schools and housing already in place?

Why start new here?

Are we gullible?


Are hogs the new cutting edge?

Will more hog confinements be built to feed the plant?

I can smell them already, and will it be getting worse? I am not convinced that this is the right way to grow at this time and hope that careful study is made of the cost and benefits, and care taken that the expectations are written out and the company is held to its promises.

Becky Ahrendsen