Welcoming Prestage Foods

To the editor:

When Prestage Foods of Iowa announced plans to build a $240 million state-of-the-art pork processing facility in Iowa, it was the kind of good news agriculture has been longing for. This investment in pork processing reflects the strength of the pork production industry in this state and provides much needed expansion in processing capacity, while providing many on-site, and off-site jobs for north central Iowa.

This investment not only creates another marketing option for pork producers, but the pigs processed in this plant will provide a value-added option for corn and soybean producers. In fact, the pigs processed in this plant will consume about 40 million bushels of corn and 170,000 tons of soybean meal.

Pork production is currently exceeding processing capacity by 7 percent in Iowa. The need for additional capacity is well documented. This proposed plant and the new pork plant in Sioux City will keep more jobs and opportunities in our state. More importantly, this will keep more of the opportunity in Wright County and the surrounding area.

When you take the time to learn about the Prestage Foods of Iowa plans, the processing facility will employ incredible automation, safety standards, environmental safeguards, and require a skilled workforce. The pay will be outstanding, benefits excellent, and future opportunity will abound.

We all know the loss of manufacturing business in the surrounding area has changed the local economy. Wright County has slowly lost population for nearly 100 years. Along comes Prestage Foods of Iowa with a project that will certainly reverse these trends, create growth, and fit in Iowa’s long heritage of producing safe, abundant, affordable food to feed its own citizens and the world’s population.

Thank you to the leaders in Wright County who saw the potential with this Prestage Foods project. Bringing our communities, businesses and the region positive opportunities for the future. Pork producers, grain farmers and related ag businesses all appreciate another source, and choice for our businesses.

Welcome to Wright County, Prestage Foods. We are ready to capture the energy generated by your commitment to safe, responsible pork production and now processing.

Pat McGonegle

CEO, Iowa Pork Producers Association


Greg Hora

Pork producer

VP of operations, Iowa Pork Producers Association

Fort Dodge


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