Opposes Hillary Clinton

To the editor:

With utter disregard for the security of sensitive classified information Hillary Clinton decided for “convenience” to have a personal server. Hillary was in the White House for eight years, she was a U.S. senator for six years and in her position as Secretary of State, a very high position in government that required her to protect classified information, surely she knew what constitutes classified information and that there would be times when such information would be a part of emails she would receive and send. I believe she wanted to use a personal server so that she would have control over it and have the ability to delete at will and in fact to circumvent, or so I believe she thought, the ability for anyone to see them because after all her emails, in her mind, were personal. You know, all about things such as weddings, births, birthdays, etc.

With all her knowledge and experience Hillary surely knew the first time, or maybe the second or at least by the nth time a classified email made its way to her email address that maybe, just maybe, she should change to a government server.

I would expect that because of her “extreme carelessness” in handling of her emails, her disregard of her responsibilities as the person in charge of a federal department, and the very possibility that her server was hacked, that she would now not qualify for a security clearance. That itself should disqualify her to be president, certainly the one person in our government that would have to have clearance to receive and send information of the highest security classification.

Some have already said and many more will say that if you are a woman you should vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. Never mind her lying, being irresponsible, let alone being extremely careless with sensitive classified information. Hillary says she made a mistake. Her actions are beyond being a mistake. With the likelihood that her server was hacked, she has put the national security of this country at risk and has quite possibly put some of those that serve our country in covert operations at risk. If she hasn’t already.

The FBI gave Hillary a pass on the criminal side. Yet to be determined is the fallout on the political side. Jeb Bush had his problems in the Republican primaries because many had had enough of the Bushes.

The same “courtesy” should be accorded Hillary.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge

Opposes Hillary Clinton

To the editor:

I concur with Marjorie Franks contention (Letters, June 24) that this country is ripe for a female president (and there are a number of great choices), but not with her pick.

Hillary Clinton could well serve as poster girl for corruption at any level,and should never represent these United States as our president.

Jack Foster

Webster City