Disapproves of Hillary Clinton

To the editor:

Some of you may recall the phrase “skating” as being used meaning someone who was able to “skate” out of (avoid) trouble and Hillary seems to be an expert at doing just that. In watching FBI Director James Comey’s report on the findings of the email scandal hanging over her head, he laid out a perfect case for charges and then does a 180-degree about face and says that the FBI would not be recommending to the attorney general that she be prosecuted. Rush Limbaugh said a long time ago that the fix was in and Hillary has said also that no charges would be filed and it turns out they both were right. Other government officials have been caught and punished for committing far fewer infractions. She said she turned over thousands of emails to her lawyers yet claims that none of them read any of them. Seriously? If you were those lawyers, wouldn’t you at least read a few lines of some of them? And these people had no security clearances to do so. Shortly thereafter, Hillary hints about Loretta Lynch being her attorney general when elected. And two days later, Obama goes on the campaign trail with her, calling her “the most qualified man or woman to be president.”

For those of you considering voting her as president of the United States, is she really the type of person you want to trust with national secrets? I don’t. If you really want to look into her credibility, just Google Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever.

FBI Director Comey called her “extremely careless.”

I call her grossly negligent.

Raymond E. Witzke

Fort Dodge


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