Angel Ride succeeds

To the editor:

The 10th annual Angel Ride to Save the TaTas had a great turnout on July 9 – 418 signed up the day of the ride, plus others showed up to participated in the fun actives after the ride at Amigos.

We would like to give thanks to Mark and Crissann Campbell and the staff at Amigos for hosting the Angel Ride event this year. From letting us set up at bike nights, serving breakfast the morning of the ride to the delicious pork loin meal afterwards

A special thanks to the stops that hosted our event on that day, Shoreside, Manson; Fonda Golf Course, Fonda; Sportsters, Newell; The Bar, Lake View and Lynchs, Rockwell City. They provided great service to many people that stopped there

Thanks to Personalitees in Humboldt for creating our designs and printing our shirts this year and to Party Productions for selling our shirts for us all year long.

A huge thank you to all the businesses and the community that made donations to this event, without your generosity this event wouldn’t happen. Thanks to all that came out to the auction and bid on items to help us raise funds for this cause. It takes many people to make an event like this work out.

We also want to thank auctioneer Curt Carlson and D.J. Rusty McNeil for helping out the day of the ride. Also to the staff at Three Eagles Communications for helping promote the ride every chance they could on the radio.

A special thanks to Shirley Hottman for starting this event 10 years ago that has helped so many people and continues to help so many more. Thanks to our Angels – Alli Berger, Barb Hottman, Becky Nordstrom, Beth Hiveley, Cheryl Sorenson, Chris Dutcher, Dawn Powell, Deb Schuh, Jeanna Black, Jody Ekstrom, Judi Johnson, Karen Little, Megan Hanna and Tina Wisthoff for all their help in getting donations and working the day of event. We know we are forgetting to mention a few people, we have so many great helpers in this event. We all know it isn’t easy with our busy lives, jobs, family and all the other activities but without your help, this event wouldn’t happen.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” The Angel Ride is trying to make a difference in breast cancer patients’ lives, one event at a time.

We will be turning over the funds that was raised in October as that is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Remember all the funds we raise goes to help breast cancer patients with uninsured expenses such as wigs, scarfs, travel expenses and co pays plus so much more. If you are interested in making a donation, we will be taking money up through October please contact us on Facebook.

Thank you again to the public, and all those that participated in this event and remember “Early Detection Saves Lives.” Please join us on Facebook, “Angel Ride to Save the Ta-Tas.”

Lynda Lowery

Dawn Wesley

Fort Dodge