Supports Bob Thode

To the editor:

Bob Thode is a candidate for the Webster County Board of Supervisors. When he asked me to write a letter to support him, I agreed to do so because I feel Bob has the ability, training and background to help lead Webster County in the next years.

Thode is a lifelong resident of Webster County and knows the history of the city and county and is aware of the plans for the future.

Bob Thode is a successful public servant, having served on the Fort Dodge Police Department for three decades. His experience in confronting issues head on, analyzing situations under pressure, and working to a responsible outcome will serve us well. His talent and experience would be most valuable on the Board of Supervisors.

Bob is well qualified to serve and give guidance to Webster County as a member of the Board of Supervisors. I encourage you to vote for Bob Thode on June 7.

Barbara Vonsak

Fort Dodge