St. Edmond Ball succeeds

To the editor:

As we began planning for the 33rd St. Edmond Ball one year ago, we wanted to celebrate the past 60 years that St Edmond has impacted our community, families, and our students. In March, we celebrated with the past ball chairs and honored them for their support and efforts in previous balls. We captured our present students in a photo on our football field in the shape of a cross, honoring and celebrating all that they are. On May 7, the past and present came together to ensure our future. We are humbled and honored to have raised over $250,000 in net proceeds for the present and future of our system.

We are grateful to the Fort Dodge and St. Edmond community for all of their donations and support. Your donations and support of the 33rd St. Edmond Ball allowed us to honor the past, live in the present, and believe in the future of our system.

For the love of our children, for they are precious in the eyes of God.

Nate Galles

Kim Galles

Mark Laufersweiler

Susan Laufersweiler

2016 Saint Edmond Ball


Fort Dodge