Weighs in on pipeline debate

To the editor:

Another agency (this time the state archaeologist) has piped up and the pipeline is delayed again. The state archaeologist is not sure yet but he has heard a rumor about Indian sites. He hasn’t gone out and done any research, but he wants to have a hand in the fun from his warm office.

Dakota Access is willing to spend $3.8 billion (that’s billion) to try to bring oil and gas across Iowa and several other states to transport our abundant gas and oil in a safer fashion than railroad cars. Everywhere they turn, there is another agency wanting to exert their authority and delay construction. Worst is the Army Corps of Engineers that says they can’t make up their minds for at least 60 to 120 days. Really?

The pipeline company has noted that any further delay may cause the affected farms to be impacted for two growing seasons instead of one. They would like to start construction on the noncontroversial portions of the route. No luck there, according to the Iowa Utilities Board. They want to make sure there are no voices still to be heard.

It looks to me like we have way too much government wanting to try to justify their existence and their funding.

David R. Youberg

Sac City