Supports Thanupakorn

To the editor:

The recent firing of Webster County Assessor Jeanette Thanupakorn is totally without merit, and certainly not something she deserved. It is an outrage and a travesty of justice which I hope will be remedied within the courts. Ideally, the situation would have been resolved without filing suit. This action is necessary now for her to be compensated and to protect her reputation.

Jeanette is a person of honor and integrity. I know this because I have known her my entire life as we grew up in the West Side neighborhood. She was brought up with values and morals. Her parents instilled in her the life lessons of treating people fairly, of doing a day’s work for a day’s pay, and the ideals of service to others. I recall Jeanette reminding younger kids to play nice and be kind. In the course of her life, Jeanette has remained true to her character.

When Jeanette was assessor and I was deputy county treasurer, I observed the cooperation between the offices that she fostered. Always willing to listen and lend a helping hand, Jeanette was a valuable asset to the assessor’s office, the taxpayers and Webster County. Assessment of property is a complex job for which she trained extensively. She has had continuing education and passed rigorous exams. Throughout her 35-year career, including 19 years as assessor, she worked diligently to ensure the work of the office was done correctly. Likewise, the staff of the office possesses these quality work skills and attributes.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jeanette performed her duties according to the laws governing the assessor’s office and that she fully cooperated with the Conference Board in every way. Now she is faced with not only wrongful termination but questions being raised about her character. Because I know Jeanette and her character, I know these charges are unfounded.

What I cannot fathom is how and why these allegations were brought about in the first place.

Let truth prevail.

Beverly A. Davis

Fort Dodge