Wants more coverage of Sanders

To the editor:

I saw your coverage of the Black Lives Matter protest that shut down the Bernie Sanders event in Seattle on Saturday. I expected to see at least some mention of the fact that Sen. Sanders broke his previous attendance record for any candidate running for president in 2016 by drawing 15,000 people to the Hec Edmunson Pavilion later that same night. It was an event so big in fact that people gathered outside and were later addressed by Senator Sanders as well, but that was not mentioned for some reason in the paper.

Naturally, I was curious about whether or not The Messenger would cover the event in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday that had 28,000 people in attendance, but I saw nothing Monday or Tuesday in the paper. That was a pretty big story considering no other candidate has come even the slightest bit close to producing that much support in one rally.

With these enormous crowds, Bernie Sanders is lapping every other candidate running for the 2016 presidency in terms of crowd size, yet he is receiving little coverage. If it weren’t for social media, there would be virtually no coverage of Bernie Sanders since local and national news have not covered much of his campaign and the huge crowds that show up at every stop to hear Sen. Sanders speak.

Unfortunately, not everyone is plugged in to social media. Many local residents count on The Messenger for their news. It’s disappointing to see Sen. Sanders is only worthy of coverage when a small controversy occurs.

Jessica Jacobs

Fort Dodge