Swing for a Cure succeeds

To the editor:

The 10th annual Swing for a Cure golf outing was held on June 19 this year at the Fort Dodge County Club. The weather was picture-perfect and 27 teams were able to enjoy a fun-filled day. The amazing amount of generosity and support this event receives year after year is a wonderful tribute to this community’s members and businesses.

The event raises funds that are utilized in the Outpatient Diabetes Center at Trinity Regional Medical Center. This education provides people with diabetes the knowledge they need to live a long healthy life in order to prevent future complications from diabetes. Diabetes affects millions of people and when it goes undiagnosed serious health complications can occur. Early diagnosis and education are key components to living a healthy life.

Funds raised from the event also help sponsor children newly diagnosed with diabetes attend Camp Hertko Hollow in Boone. This camp provides children with diabetes the opportunity to learn the importance of controlling their blood sugars and living with diabetes. Camp Hertko Hollow provides an environment where children can build friendships with other children that have diabetes and learn from others’ experiences.

The Outpatient Diabetes Center at Trinity Regional Medical Center would like to thank the sponsors, participants, organizers and volunteers at this year’s event. We would like to recognize Nik Moser, Jamie Johll, Sean Hanley, and the Trinity Foundation for their continued support and effort year after year.

It is due to the support of everyone involved that we can continue to strengthen our programs and provide quality education along with innovative technology to our community.

Trinity Diabetes

Center Team

Dr. Michael Lee

Medical director

Sarah Marsh


Jennifer DeWinter

Connie Fox

Kayli Julander

Beth Miller

Nicole Tramp

Fort Dodge