Video highlights local farmers, agribusiness

It is a reminder of the good things found in Fort Dodge, Webster County

The great things local farmers and agribusinesses are doing are highlighted in a film that will be viewed worldwide online.

It’s called “Fort Dodge is Incredible.” It was produced by Land O’Lakes and NEW Cooperative. Its imagery includes combines churning through bountiful fields and sweeping overhead vistas of downtown. Included are voice-overs by area farmers Brian Wagner and Laura Bunda; Dan Dix, general manager of NEW Cooperative; Emily Stucky, co-owner of Community Orchard; and Jesse Ulrich, president of Iowa Central Community College.

It drives home the point that Fort Dodge is a vibrant community that helps to produce the nation’s food.

Obviously, there are thousands of rural communities that could have been selected for a video. Fort Dodge was picked because, according to Heather Malenshek, chief marketing officer of Land O’Lakes, it is a “a very good example of the kind of vibrant community” the company wanted to highlight.

“The community values are pretty powerful,” she said.

Links on the NEW Cooperative, Land O’Lakes and city of Fort Dodge social media pages will take viewers to the film. It is also on YouTube.com.

We encourage everyone to take a couple minutes to watch it. It has beautiful images of the area, and packs a lot of information into a short time frame.

The fact that it was made at all is a huge compliment to our community. Too often, folks in Fort Dodge are their own worst enemy when it comes to complaining about the community. While locals might bash their town, a huge company with national, if not global reach, is declaring with this video that Fort Dodge is incredible, it is vibrant and has powerful community values. Perhaps it is hard for those who are here to remember that all the time. This new video serves as a dramatic reminder of all the good things we have here.


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