New group is ready to seek solutions to crisis of violence

Next Generation wants action, not more talk about problems

When a problem arises, action is needed to solve it.

That is true if the problem is as simple as a dripping faucet or as complex and deadly as a wave of violence that is taking the lives of too many young people.

That is why we are encouraged to see a new group coming together in Fort Dodge to address the current scourge of violence in the community.

The new organization is called Next Generation. It really is new, having held its first meeting on Monday.

Its leaders are people who work in the schools, in juvenile court services, in the state Department of Health and Human Services and organizations that are dedicated to getting young people on the path to becoming productive citizens. They are all people for whom the victims of recent violence are more than just a name and a grim statistic. Those victims are people that the folks in Next Generation knew and tried to help.

What is refreshing is the group’s approach. It is not at all interested in rehashing the problem. It is interested only in solutions.

To help obtain those solutions Next Generation has scheduled a community brainstorming session for 6 p.m. June 14 at Rides Bar & Grill, 723 S. 31st St.

The current problem is not going to be easy to fix. Its solution won’t come quickly. But the sooner the community starts working, the sooner that solution will come.

We encourage everyone in Fort Dodge to become part of that solution. One way to do so is to get behind the efforts of Next Generation. The first step is to have a thoughtful discussion at the June 14 session.

Putting an end to the violence is going to require everyone to get involved.


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