Area retains a presence on state boards, commissions

Seven local people step forward to serve

As anyone with a passing knowledge of civics knows, Iowa has three branches of government, each with a different role. To put it in the simplest terms, the legislature writes the laws, the governor ensures that the laws are carried out and the courts decide if the laws are legal and constitutional.

The executive branch, led by the governor as the chief executive of the state, includes lots of boards and commissions that provide both insight and oversight. These panels do everything from guiding the care of state parks to determining who should be licensed to practice dentistry.

The Fort Dodge region has a voice on some of those panels as a result appointments recently made by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Lisa Shimkat, of Fort Dodge, was nominated for a second term on the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board. That panel sets policy for the Iowa Economic Development Authority and plays a huge role in guiding the state’s growth. Shimkat sits on two of the board’s committees. One of those committees reviews all applications filed by businesses seeking incentives from the state government. The other committee makes recommendations on awarding tax credits to redevelop sites that are abandoned, polluted or both.

Six other area residents were nominated for seats on other state panels that are vitally important even if they don’t have the high profile of the Economic Development Authority Board.

Dennis Vonnahme, of Pocahontas County, was named to the Board of Chiropractic. Jonathan DeJong, of Webster County, was named to the Board of Dentistry. Ryan Stuck, of Hamilton County, was named to the Board of Nursing. All of those boards set the standards for practicing in their desiginated areas of health care.

Nicole George, of Webster County, was named to the Drug Policy Advisory Council. Eileen Miller, of Calhoun County, was named to the Justice Advisory Board. and Leslie Lampe, of Kossuth County, was named to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council.

All of those appointees will make sure that our region will have a voice on boards that will impact our state across a wide range of issues and endeavors.

The appointments do require the approval of the state Senate. We call on the Senate to confirm these appointments without delay.

These seven people are taking on additional burdens to serve their state. They deserve our thanks for doing so.

They are also setting an example of service to others that the rest of us should follow.


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