Iowa Sales Tax Holiday starts Friday

It’s a great opportunity to save on back-to-school purchases

It’s hard to believe, but area families are already beginning to think about the items that will be needed to send young folks back to school properly equipped and looking good.

According to the National Retail Federation, a typical family with children in school will spend about $864 on back-to-school merchandise. Previous surveys by the federation have shown that clothing and shoes account for about half of a family’s back-to-school spending.

Finding bargains is part of the fun of back-to-school shopping every year. Clothing and shoes are among the necessities that will be on just about everyone’s list.

The annual Iowa Sales Tax Holiday that begins Friday and continues Saturday will help shoppers stretch their precious dollars. for those items.

This program is now in its 23rd year. It exempts from sales tax certain clothing and shoe purchases with an item price under $100.

Iowa’s Legislature launched this two-day tax holiday in 2000. Mike Cormack, a Republican who at that time represented the Fort Dodge area in the Iowa House of Representatives, was the driving force behind the measure. It’s a program that especially benefits those lower-income individuals who must make every penny count, but it is a welcome assist to everyone.

During the Sales Tax Holiday, many stores offer sales, providing an even bigger break for shoppers.

Many other states have similar tax holidays. Some extend the sales-tax exemption to a wider range of school-related items such as assorted supplies, computers and books. When the Legislature returns to the Capitol, members might consider broadening the applicability of the sales tax exemption. Outfitting kids for school is becoming ever more expensive and the required purchases go far beyond clothing and shoes. If the policy makes sense, it should reflect the real world of back-to-school costs that shoppers face.

The Messenger reminds everyone that the Iowa Sales Tax Holiday is an excellent opportunity to acquire needed items at a savings. Don’t miss out on the bargains available.


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