New council will give young people input on local arts

Teens should take advantage of the opportunity

Local teenagers with an interest in the arts and music now have an opportunity to make a bigger impact in the cultural life of their community.

They can do that by applying for a seat on the Youth Advisory Council being formed by the Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association.

“I think it’s important to gain input from the youth on how the arts engage teens and youth audiences in our community,” Shelly Bottorff, the executive director of the Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association, told The Messenger.

Members of the commission will be involved in many things. They will be expected to attend monthly meetings and at least two community events. They will serve as ambassadors to increase youth attendance and participation in community events. They will also serve as greeters or facilitators to engage community members in the mission and values of the Fine Arts Association.

We believe being on the commission will give teens the chance to expand their skills as well as have fun hanging out with kids who have similar interests. In the process, they will be helping to shape the cultural life of Fort Dodge.

People between the ages of 14 and 18 are eligible to serve on the commission. The panel will consist of up to 15 members.

To get information on how to apply for a seat on the commission email fdfinearts@gmail.com or call 515-570-7807. Applications must be submitted by Oct. 22.

The Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association is to be commended for actively trying to get young people involved.

We encourage all teens with an interest in the arts or music to apply for a seat on the council. We also ask adults who know kids who would be a good fit for the council to encourage them to apply.


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