Grant for Badger firefighters is good investment

$82,000 enabled them to get new breathing apparatus

Like most small town fire departments, the all-volunteer Badger Fire Department has a small budget.

The cost of the specialized gear needed to fight fires, perform rescues and provide emergency medical care is not small, however.

The Badger firefighters have dealt with that reality for years. But they recently got some much-need help in the form of a federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant that enabled them to upgrade their self-contained breathing apparatus, which firefighters call SCBA. That gear is vital to keeping firefighters alive in smoke-filled burning buildings or any other place where there are poisonous fumes.

The Badger Fire Department received an $82,000 grant. With that money it purchased 25 SCBA masks, 20 bottles that contain breathing air and 10 SCBA packs. All of that replaces gear that is 25 years old.

When you consider how huge sums of federal money are wasted on useless stuff every year, it becomes evident that spending $82,000 to keep Badger’s volunteer firefighters safe is one of the best investments Uncle Sam has made recently.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant program produces real benefits for real people, especially when the money goes to places like Badger.

Meanwhile, the volunteer firefighters in Badger, just like those throughout Webster County, Iowa and the nation, continue to selflessly serve their communities. They will forever have our gratitude.


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