Patience, respect needed as vaccines continue

Cooperation will help to defeat COVID-19

Today, 500 people will receive the COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic to be conducted at the Crossroads Mall.

The clinic is a major undertaking by the Webster County Health Department. But the dedicated staff of the Health Department will have a lot of help, including from some surprising sources. For example, the staff of the county Recorder’s Office, who are all experts at data entry, will handle the needed documentation at the clinic.

The focus of the effort will be the 500 people, mainly senior citizens, who will be receiving vaccines. Considering the toll COVID-19 has taken, many of those at today’s clinic probably have never been happier to get a needle jabbed in their arm.

Such clinics will be key to conquering COVID-19. Conquering the virus is a must and it is something we Americans can do.

While the statistics on cases are bewildering, it appears that the virus is not quite the monster it was several months ago. The trend appears to be heading in the right direction. To keep it going in that direction, people need to use common sense.

At the same time, they must also remain patient as the vaccine effort continues. Pharmaceutical companies are cranking out the vaccine as fast as they can. Nurses and other health care workers are administering shots as quickly as they can.

Now is not the time for people to somehow crash the line and try to get a vaccine before our neighbors who have pre-existing conditions. And getting mad at the nurses and other health care workers is definitely out of line. They have been working non-stop under unprecedented conditions and deserve our respect.

We ask everyone to be patient and respectful as they await their turn to get a vaccine.


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