Time to wait out the storm safely

Staying indoors is best bet, while drivers must exercise caution

To paraphrase a popular song often heard during the holidays, the weather outside is in deed frightful.

We Iowans, however, are a hardy bunch. We’re used to some heavy duty winter storms.

And many of us know that the best way to deal with terrible winter weather is to not deal with it at all. In other words, stay inside. The current storm provides a good chance to stay indoors, play a game with the kids and catch up on your reading.

Forget about shoveling snow. That is a very strenuous activity that is hard on the hearts of even the most physically fit people. Every year in the United States, people die from heart attacks suffered while shoveling snow. So when the snow stops falling and blowing around, use a snow blower to clean up the sidewalks and driveways.

For those who must go out in the storm, the Iowa State Patrol urges patience and caution. Troopers also recommend that people drive only in daylight.

Once behind the wheel, people should drive slowly and increase the following distance between their vehicle and the one in front of it.

Those heading out on the road should keep emergency supplies in their vehicle, including flashlights, blankets or sleeping bags, water, food and a shovel.

We urge everyone to stay both warm and safe. We think staying indoors is the best solution. We urge those who do have to venture out to be cautious and follow all recommended safety precautions.


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