St. Edmond student leads the way with fun run fundraiser

Maggie Lennon is among local teens who make a difference

Maggie Lennon and a friend were out running one day last year when she got an idea that is now paying off for local people who sometimes have to rely on a food pantry for their next meal.

As she and her fellow runner were putting in some mileage, Lennon got the notion that it would be neat to do a Halloween-themed fun run in a local park. At the time, she was a junior at St. Edmond High School.

She went to work organizing a new fun run for the community, a task that many adults would shy away from. The result of her work was the Holy Trinity Parish Halloween Fun Run. It is a 5K event that begins at Snell-Crawford Park on Williams Drive. All the proceeds of the run go to the Holy Trinity Parish Food Pantry.

The first run was held last year and generated about $1,500.

Lennon, now a senior at St. Edmond, presided over the second Holy Trinity Parish Halloween Fun Run last Saturday. More than 60 people participated. About $1,700 was raised that day and some checks are still coming in.

The event is a lot of fun and it provides a nice boost to the food pantry.

What is even more notable is how the event came about: a teenager got an idea. Maggie Lennon came up with the concept, and, shall we say, ran with it.

She is far from the only Fort Dodge area teen who has worked to make their community a better place. So when the temptation to view teenagers as uninvolved or at worst uncaring, remember those local kids.

The youths, meanwhile, are setting an example for the rest of us.


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