This is National Farm Safety and Health Week

Event raises awareness of farm hazards

Farms can be seen as quiet, peaceful places where the crops grow and animals graze in the pastures.

Farms can indeed be such tranquil spots. But as all Iowans know, farming is an industry. And like all industries, there are certain hazards associated with it.

Tractors can be in crashes on rural roads. Machines can snag arms and legs. Grain bins can become death traps.

Most of those nightmare scenarios can be avoided by using common sense and basic safety precautions.

National Farm Safety and Health Week, which began Sunday and continues through Saturday, is a time dedicated to raising awareness of the various ways farmers can protect themselves and their families from the occupational hazards associated with growing Amerca’s food. This year’s theme is “Every Farmer Counts.”

The topics being emphasized during this week include tractor safety, rural road safety, farmer health, opioid abuse and suicide prevention, youth safety and health, confined spaces and women’s health and safety.

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety, based in Peosta, has posted lots of safety information on its web site, www.necsagorg.

National Farm Safety and Health Week was launched in 1944 by the National Safety Council.

While farming has some inherent risks, there’s no reason why living and working on a farm should be an experience that causes people to risk life and limb.

We urge all farmers to take advantage of all the safety and health information that is available to them.

Farming is a profession that’s vital to our country. And if the right precautions are followed, it can be a very safe profession as well.


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