Join the fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Fundraiser walk is set for Saturday

Alzheimer’s disease is a cruel scourge that robs its victims of their very personality.

While scientists work to find a cure for this terrible affliction, thousands of other people throughout the country have been supporting their efforts through fundraisers like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which is scheduled for Saturday. A new disease, COVID-19, will not stop those efforts.

”Alzheimer’s is not taking a hiatus during COVID-19 and neither are we,” Jenny Fields, a development specialist for the Iowa chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, told The Messenger.

While COVID-19 will not stop the walk, it will change it.

Instead of a large group of people walking the same route at the same time, this year’s version of the event will feature individuals and smaller groups walking where they chose to.The opening ceremony will be a virual event people can watch on their phones or computers.

A Promise Garden honoring those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will be set up at the Fort Dodge Middle School.

There’s still time to get signed up and participate in the walk. To do so, go to act.alz.org/FortDodge.

Anyone who has a relative or friend afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease knows the devastation this condition brings not only to its victims but their loved ones also. A cure must be found, sooner rather than later.

Not all of us can work in laboratories seeking a cure. But everyone can play some small part in finding that cure.

Therefore, we urge everyone who can to lace up their walking shoes and get some exercise on Saturday to help defeat Alzheimer’s disease.


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