FD man’s time, woodworking skills help children

Long makes beds for those who need them

Fran Long claims he doesn’t “sit very well.”

Because Long isn’t happy sitting still, some kids in Fort Dodge will be able to sleep well at night.

Long, a retired educator, has been using his spare time to make bed frames for children. He said he was inspired to do so by a story he read about another retired teacher who made bed frames.

The finished products – he’s made at least seven bed frames so far – are handed off to Athletics For Education and Success, which will get mattresses and bedding to go with the frames. When AFES identifies the families that need the beds, Fort Dodge police officers and members of the 133rd Test Squadron, the Iowa Air National Guard unit based in Fort Dodge, will make the deliveries.

Long insists that what he is doing is ”pretty minor.” We disagree.

He is spending his time and, likely, some of his money, to make beds for children he doesn’t know and may never meet. Despite his insistence that the bed project is a minor thing that gets him out of the house, it is something that will have a big impact on the lives of the children who receive the beds.

For kids, sleeping on the floor or the couch may be fun on occasion, but nothing beats a bed for getting a good night’s sleep. The kids who receive the beds assembled by Long will be able to get a good night’s rest that gets them ready for school and life in general.

We thank Long for using his time and talent to help some local children.

Credit is also due to AFES, the Fort Dodge Police Department and the 133rd Test Squadron for their roles in the project.


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