New development in Humboldt is a win for the area

Duplex homes are being built on Creekside Drive north of the hospital

Just north of Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, a new residential area is taking shape.

On a new road called Creekside Drive eight duplexes are being built. That means 16 new homes for the community. There is room for another eight duplexes there, and potentially space for some single family homes.

The first homes will be ready for new residents in January.

The site is being developed by Berte & Sons Construction, of Humboldt. Right now, the company’s crews are working primarily on the water mains, sewers and other needed infrastructure. The company is building all that infrastructure at its cost. Later, the city government will rebate the cost back to the developer.

It is notable that the developer is paying for all the infrastructure up front. Often, local governments have to pay to put all of that in and then later recoup their costs through a mechanism like tax increment financing.

The fact that new homes are being built in Humboldt is good news not only for that town, but the whole area. The time for towns in this region to be competing for development has long past. In today’s world, communities need to work together and realize that what is good for one community is good for all of them. Local leaders have shown a new spirit of collaboration across municipal boundaries, and that must continue.

We congratulate Humboldt on its new development and look forward to seeing the completed new homes.


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