Pets bring great joy, great responsibility

Potential owners of dogs, cats must be aware as they consider adopting

When last seen, an orange cat with the unlikely name of Raven was at the Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa, awaiting a chance for a real home.

The Fort Dodge animal shelter is closed to visitors, but Raven and all of the other dogs and cats in the facility at 725 S. 32nd St. are still available for adoption.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has closed schools and forced lots of people to stay home, having a furry friend to play with may sound pretty enticing to many.

In fact, there may be some merit to adopting a pet at this time. With lots of people at home, the new cat or dog will get loads of attention and may settle into the household faster.

Pets, however, are not some kind of novelty to entertain people while a global pandemic is forcing them to stay home. They are living, breathing four-legged members of the family. They need food, care and exercise. Dogs need to be walked. Litter boxes need to be cleaned out. There are bills to be paid for pet food and veterinary care.

Responsible pet owners know that the care and feeding of an animal is a small price to pay for the companionship and joy that a dog or cat brings to their lives.

We think anyone who is serious about adopting a dog or a cat now, or at any time for that matter, should do it. Visit www.almosthomeiowa.org or call (515) 955-8343 to learn more about the available animals and the adoption process. Bringing home a pet may be one of the best moves a person can make in life.

Potential pet owners just need to be aware that they are shouldering a lot of responsibility when they do adopt a cat or dog.


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