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More Hawkeye State residents are obtaining postsecondary education

A key goal of Gov. Kim Reynolds’ Future Ready Iowa initiative is to make certain that our state’s residents are able to take advantage of the opportunities that the future holds. In a rapidly evolving job market, that means that our state’s schools need to have programs in sync with the career opportunities not only of today, but of tomorrow as well. A particularly important part of the game plan is encouraging Iowans to obtain relevant education or training beyond that available to them in high school. Future Ready Iowa has set as one of its goals that 70 percent of Iowans will have postsecondary credentials by 2025.

The state has just released data that show our state is making excellent progress toward achieving that ambitious target. The percentage of Iowans in the age group 24-64 with post-high school educational accomplishments grew by 2.6 percent between 2018 and 2019, reaching 60.2 percent. It’s also good news that the percentage of those who call the Hawkeye State home who have not completed high school – or its equivalent – has declined during the last 10 years.

The governor expressed delight at this forward movement.

“Future Ready Iowa is making a difference for Iowans looking for a way up,” Reynolds said. “But we are just getting started, and today’s results don’t even consider the 6,000 Iowans who received a Last Dollar Scholarship in 2019 to get into a high-demand job. As more Iowans find the skills and training they need to move into a life-changing career, we can guarantee that opportunity lives here for decades to come.”

Getting education and enhanced skill development is made especially easy for those who live in Webster County and nearby venues because of the plethora of excellent programs offered by Iowa Central Community College. Not only does it provide affordable educational options, but Iowa Central also helps make certain that workers have a convenient place to obtain the right technical skills to fill the jobs available at both present and future employers. It’s no exaggeration to claim that this college is a vital asset as our part of Iowa seeks to accomplish the ambitious goals being championed by Future Ready Iowa.

The Messenger applauds the progress being made all across Iowa in postsecondary education.

As the workplace continues to change, it is crucial that people make certain their knowledge and skills position them favorably in the completion for financially rewarding and personally satisfying jobs. It is encouraging that many Iowans have already recognized the importance of this undertaking. We encourage our readers to give some thought to how they too can benefit from the educational and skill training possibilities available right here in our community.


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