Raising the legal age for buying tobacco, nicotine products will save lives

Congress, President Trump did the right thing with new law

There is no doubt that smoking is bad for people. Puffing away on cigarettes, cigars and pipes is a pathway to an early grave courtesy of heart disease, cancer or emphysema.

Nicotine, a health problem in its own right, is in all the tobacco that is smoked. A quick review of medical and health articles reveals that many doctors consider nicotine to be as addictive as heroin. It’s the substance that causes smokers to crave their next cigarette. And by itself, nicotine has been linked to some heart problems.

Nicotine has now moved beyond tobacco and is found in the various products used by people who vape.

The harm caused by smoking and nicotine has been known for generations.

That’s why Congress and President Donald Trump have made it tougher for young people to get their hands on tobacco and nicotine.

Legislation signed by Trump on Dec. 20 raises the minimum age to buy products containing tobacco and nicotine from 18 to 21.

We believe this is a good move.

Anything that will stop young people from lighting up and getting on the path to disease and death is a welcome development.

Keeping them away from the nicotine-loaded vaping products is also good.

Preventing a young person from legally buying tobacco and nicotine products could dissuade them from starting the habit. The result will be a longer, healthier life for that person.

Yes, there are some questions about enforcing the new law. But area retailers have taken matters into their own hands and are checking the IDs of people seeking to buy tobacco and nicotine products.

We believe this new law serves the greater good and will, over time, save lives.


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