Take special care on the roads

Keep New Year’s week safe by driving with extra caution

All across the Hawkeye State, people will be taking advantage of this holiday week to pursue celebrate the arrival of another new year — 2020. That makes it especially important that we resolve to keep our streets and highways safe.

That can be accomplished by paying heed to a few safety tips can help prevent what should be an exhilarating few days from turning tragic. Here are some tips:

• Observe speed limits and always drive with proper regard to weather and road conditions.

• Wear seat belts and make sure children you are transporting wear theirs. Seat belts save lives and buckling up is the law.

• Pay close attention to what is going on around you. With youngsters not in school, the chance that a child will dash into the path of a vehicle is real. Be ready to avert tragedy.

• Avoid driving while fatigued.

• Remember that alcohol and driving never mix. If you imbibe, make sure that the driving is done by someone who stays unimpaired.

• Stay off your cellphones while driving and never even consider texting.

None of these admonitions should sound surprising. Most of us have heard similar cautions before.

Even so, many accidents could be avoided if we all exercised common sense and made personal commitments to keep ourselves and others safe.

In that spirit, have a wonderful holiday week.

Enjoy your family and friends.

And help keep the roads safe for everyone.


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