Get out and vote today

Broadband question, City Council and school board are all on today’s ballot

There are exciting things afoot in Fort Dodge. Fort Dodge and Webster County are well-positioned to prosper if creative leaders in government and the private sector leverage assets and resources appropriately to take advantage of the very real opportunities for business and commercial development.

That’s why today’s election is so important.

Voters in Fort Dodge will decide if their city government ought to have the power to establish a municipal broadband utility. We urge everyone to vote yes.

Fort Dodge voters will also pick five of the seven City Council members.

Councilman Neven Conrad and Eugene Newsome are running for an at-large seat.

Councilman Terry Moehnke is unopposed in Ward 1.

Former Councilman Andy Fritz and Justin Myers are running for the Ward 2 seat.

Councilman Dave Flattery and Richard Higgins are running for the Ward 3 seat.

Councilman Kim Alstott is unopposed in Ward 4.

This year marks the first time that school board elections are being held at the same time as city council elections in Iowa.

In the Fort Dodge Community School District, incumbents Angela Tracy, Bill Kent, Steve Springer, and Matt Wagner are all unopposed for reelection.

Throughout Webster County and the region there are other city council and school board elections that demand voters’ attention.

The individuals voters choose to serve on those councils and school boards will help decide whether the exciting options that exist materialize or slip from our grasp. That means that today is the day for area voters to start making their opinions known by voting.

Show your commitment to the future by voting in today’s election. Those who cast a ballot will help shape the future of our communities.