One woman’s generosity will make Humboldt animal shelter possible

Mary Moffitt donated $250,000

The Humboldt community has been wrestling with the problem of establishing a proper animal shelter for about a year.

Mary Moffitt has apparently just solved that problem.

Moffitt, who lives in California, owns farm land near Dakota City. She’s also an animal lover who’s especially fond of cats. She’s so fond of felines that her own cat accompanies her on visits to Iowa.

Her love of animals and her enduring connection to Humboldt County inspired her to donate $250,000 for the construction of a new animal shelter.

The proposed shelter is estimated to cost $240,000 to $250,000, so Moffitt’s gift will essentially pay for it.

”The Humboldt community and the animals of the Humboldt community will forever be in appreciation of her kindness,” said Dr. Aubrey Cordray, a veterinarian who serves on the Humboldt Community Animal Shelter board.

That gift is on top of contributions from 100 + Women Who Care, Humboldt Lions Club and the Humboldt city and county governments.

Thanks to her gift, things could start moving quickly on an animal shelter project that has largely stalled. A site in northwest Humboldt has been selected and the crews of Gronbach Construction, of Humboldt, are ready to get to work.

That work will be made possible by the generosity of someone who doesn’t even live in Humboldt County. Moffitt could have given that money to a cause that’s both close to her heart and closer to her home. It’s inspiring that she chose to give it to the Humboldt Community Animal Shelter.

We join the animal shelter’s board and the Humboldt community in saying thank you to Mary Moffitt.