Gov. Reynolds’ voice is being heard nationally

She is helping the American Workforce Advisory Board succeed

Gov. Kim Reynolds has made economic development a key part of her strategy for making Iowa’s future bright. She understands that having the right workforce to meet tomorrow’s needs is one of the keys to long-term prosperity for the Hawkeye State. The governor has put particular emphasis on Future Ready Iowa, which she says is a “powerful tool to grow family incomes, meet employer needs and strengthen communities.”

Reynolds’ innovative leadership in Iowa has been noticed in Washington. That’s why President Donald Trump selected her as one of only two governors to serve on his administration’s prestigious American Workplace Advisory Board. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Ivanka Trump co-chair the board. It includes leaders of American industry, other private sector entities, scholars and government officials. The goal is to bring together exceptional people with varying perspectives on workforce issues to craft winning strategies for the years ahead.

The board has just concluded a meeting in Washington and approved recommendations designed to help Americans find the right pathways to rewarding careers. As part of the process for generating those proposals, Reynolds was able to share with board members the successes Iowa is achieving. It is her belief that other states can learn from our state’s experiences.

“As the economy continues to grow and wages rise, there’s even more opportunity for individuals to take that next step toward a rewarding career,” Reynolds said in a statement about the board’s work thus far. “In Iowa, we have seen incredible success from private-public partnerships and grassroots action, through the Future Ready Iowa Initiative, the Virtual Clearinghouse for Work-based Learning and Registered Apprenticeships. The American Workforce Advisory Board provides us with a growing national audience to tell our story.”

Among the board’s initial recommendations are the following:

• Development of a marketing campaign led by the private sector,

• Creation of digital resume workshops and

• Better sharing of workforce-related data between the state and federal governments.

As the board’s work moves forward, Reynolds has been asked to take part in two key subcommittees. One is charged with developing a campaign to promote multiple pathways to career success. It is co-chaired by Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Ginni Rometty, IBM’s CEO. The other subcommittee will consider ways to modernize candidate recruitment and training practices.

The Messenger congratulates Reynolds and her colleagues on the American Workforce Advisory Board for their initial work. We look forward to hearing further recommendations in the months ahead. We are proud that the expertise of our governor has been recognized and that she in playing a major role in the important undertaking.