Iowa Central is getting stronger

It continues to be vital to our region’s success

Iowa Central Community College is a remarkable success story. After more than a half century serving north central Iowa, this exceptional educational institution continues to grow stronger.

This summer, an array of projects are underway that when finished will not only address some important maintenance and safety needs on campus, but also enhance the college’s ability to help its students make full use of the diverse opportunities it affords.

Visitors to the main Fort Dodge campus will see that a major new building is under construction. When completed in 2020, this $8.5 million structure will house an assortment of services that are crucial to a successful experience at the college for students. Among the key functions that will be based in the Greehey Family Student Success Center are the academic resource center, career services, the retention center, health services, mental health resources and veteran affairs.

According to officials at the college, bringing a variety of student services under one roof will make them more readily available to students as they navigate an educational environment that may be quite different from their recent high school years. And for those older students some assistance may be needed in coping with a return to a school setting. That too, will be close at hand. The intent quite simply is to make sure that whatever type of help Iowa Central’s students might need to succeed will be easy to find and access.

Doing whatever it can to help its students reach their educational goals is at the heart of Iowa Central’s game plan. In doing so, it is making a huge contribution to the well-being of communities throughout the region. For them to thrive, it is crucial that they have workforces with the skills employers require. The college is helping make that possible by offering programs that address those needs and doing all that it can to enable its students to complete their educational journey successfully.

Not only does Iowa Central provide affordable educational opportunities for adults of all ages, but it also helps make certain that workers with the right technical skills are available to present and potential employers. That has made the college an absolutely vital part of the economic growth strategy for our part of the Hawkeye State.

Voters showed their recognition of Iowa Central’s importance by approving a $25.5 million bond proposal a bit more than a year ago. That investment in the college’s future is being put to good use and is making the institution more robust.

The Messenger applauds the enhancements underway at Iowa Central. This college is a very well-run institution. It uses efficiently and innovatively the monies it receives from property taxes, state general aid, tuition and fees, and donations from its many community supporters. It is a key asset as we build a vibrant future for our region in the years ahead.