A new school year begins

Iowa Central’s students are back on its campuses

When students return after a summer break, college campuses transform overnight from quiet venues into bustling centers of activity. This week that took place at Iowa Central Community College. A new school year has begun. Students are back on its campuses ready in some cases to commence or in others to continue an educational adventure.

Consequently, Fort Dodgers will see many new faces around town this week and in the days that follow. While Iowa Central attracts a large number of students who have long called our town home, it also brings to our community many others from throughout north central Iowa and well beyond.

After more than a half century, this college has become an enormous asset not only to Fort Dodge, but also to a large part of the Hawkeye State. It has a well-deserved reputation for offering high-quality educational programs at a reasonable cost.

There’s more to the story, however.

Not only does Iowa Central provide affordable educational opportunities for adults of all ages, but it also helps make certain that workers with the right technical skills are available to present and future employers. That makes it a vital component of the economic-development strategy for many communities in this part of the state. This many-faceted educational institution has become an indispensable part of the regional game plan for a prosperous future. Its success helps Fort Dodge and many other communities thrive.

Potential students recognize that Iowa Central offers a wide array of options that will enable them gain the knowledge and skills they need to build financially rewarding and personally challenging careers. That’s why for over a half century this innovative college has grown from a small educational institution into one of our state’s most admired community colleges.

As another academic year begins, The Messenger joins in welcoming Iowa Central’s students to our town. For those who aren’t already familiar with this community, we think you will find it a great place to study and pursue your dreams for tomorrow. We’re glad you are here and encourage you to take full advantage of the college’s extensive resources. It’s a great place to study and learn.