Leaders play crucial role in agriculture

Their vision and energy keep a vital industry thriving

From the earliest days, the emergence of successful farms and related industries in the American Midwest depended on the hard work and vision of people who played leadership roles in these vital enterprises. That was true when pioneers first cultivated the vast prairies, and it is increasingly true in the much-changed agricultural world of the 21st century.

The agricultural workplace encompasses a wide assortment of occupations. In present-day America, farms are part of the story, but so too are a wide array of other businesses that are part of the rural economy. Even the farms themselves have become much larger and more multifaceted entities than was the case decades ago. Throughout the contemporary agricultural world, there are talented leaders who have the organizational skills necessary to make this important sector of our economy thrive.

Our state can take special pride in its success in identifying, training and cultivating talented individuals who accept the challenge of being leaders not only in agriculture in Iowa, but in the nation as well.

American agriculture without skilled leaders would be unthinkable. They play critical roles that are vital if this sector of the Hawkeye State’s economy is to remain the pacesetter for the planet. The accomplishments of these talented individuals help our state and nation prosper. As the summer growing season progresses, this is an especially good time to reflect on the crucial roles these leaders undertake in our community.


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