Potential changes coming to Eagle Grove

Residents should take advantage of chance to offer input

A fresh, new look may be coming to the main street of downtown Eagle Grove.

Leaders of the Wright County community are considering upgrades to West Broadway Street that include better sidewalks and lighting.

The construction of the new wastewater treatment facility to serve the recently opened Prestage Foods of Iowa pork plant could, in an indirect way, provide at least some of the money needed to make the improvements. To build the wastewater treatment plant, the city borrowed money at a low interest rate from the state revolving loan fund. Doing that made the city eligible for some additional state money to be used to help improve water quality. City officials have estimated that $1.4 million to $1.6 million could be obtained in that manner to help pay for the downtown project. That sounds like a good deal for the taxpayers of Eagle Grove.

As a condition of getting that money, the project must help improve water quality. That means features like storm water tree trenches, porous paving and stormwater capture sites could be included in the downtown project.

The project may also include new benches and trash containers. And some parts of West Broadway Street may be changed to make it easier and safer for big trucks and farm equipment to travel through town.

Construction is expected to start next year.

But the project is still in its very early phases. That means there’s still time for public input. An opportunity to provide that input will be available beginning at 6:30 p.m. July 15 in the Eagle Grove City Hall. We urge everyone to take advantage of that opportunity.

Some exciting changes are coming to Eagle Grove, and we look forward to seeing them happen.