Never forget their service

The Korean War is often overlooked, but veterans of that conflict deserve to be honored

In the United States, the Korean War has long had a reputation as a forgotten war.

It started in 1950 and the shooting ended in 1953, even though a formal peace treaty has never been signed. It happened between World War II and the Vietnam War, two larger conflicts that involved more Americans.

Thus the Korean War seems to get overlooked. The struggle at the Pusan Perimeter at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula and the dramatic American landing at Inchon remain little-known compared to the Battle of the Bulge or the Tet Offensive.

About 40,000 Americans were killed in the Korean War.

The people of South Korea have never forgotten the sacrifice of those Americans and the thousands of others who fought for their freedom.

They have never forgotten that it was Americans who came to their rescue when North Korea invaded in June 1950. They have never forgotten that it was American troops who advanced up the Korean peninsula, mile by bloody mile, pushing the communist troops out of their country.

The fact that South Koreans have never forgotten their American liberators was demonstrated dramatically at Veterans Memorial Park in Webster County on April 4. On a somber, rainy day, executives from CJ CheilJedang Corp., the parent company of CJ Bio America, came to the park to pay tribute to Korean War veterans.

”Not only us, but all the Koreans would like to thank you and all the veterans for the sacrifice they made during the war,” said Hyun-Jae Shin, the company’s chief executive officer. ”We will never forget your service and sacrifice.”

The South Korean delegation placed bouquets at the base of the park’s flag poles and observed a moment of silence.

It was an honor to have that group come to Veterans Memorial Park to pay tribute to Americans who fought in the Korean War.

We urge everyone to heed the words of Hyun-Jae Shin and never forget their service and sacrifice.