Another example of Fort Dodge generosity

The three Gargano brothers decided to design a logo for their hometown’s charter anniversary — for free

People who grow up in Fort Dodge view their hometown as a special place to which they remain loyal even if their path in life takes them somewhere else.

That’s true of brothers Brendan, Christian and Colin Gargano. The three St. Edmond High School graduates took different paths in life. Christian Gargano lives in Fort Dodge and works for Target as a visual merchandiser. Colin Gargano lives in Carlisle and works for Dowling Catholic High School. Brendan Gargano is a freelance graphic designer in Kansas City, Missouri.

All three of them work in graphic design and they decided to start their own design business called Other Brother Design Collective.

In planning their new business, the three brothers immediately thought of their hometown. They decided that their first project should be something to benefit Fort Dodge.

Colin Gargano did some research and found out that Fort Dodge received its city charter in 1869, 150 years ago.

The three brothers focused on that special anniversary and, with Brendan doing much of the work, created some images to celebrate the milestone.

Yes, we know that Fort Dodge as a city got started in 1853 after the Army vacated its outpost of the same name. But why shouldn’t we commemorate the city charter?

We think anything that gets people thinking about the rich history of the community is a good idea.

Brendan Gargano contacted Councilman Dave Flattery about the 150th anniversary. Their exchange of emails led to more discussions, the official adoption of two of their submitted logos, and plans for future special events.

Those designs that the Gargano brothers produced for free are likely to turn up on different commemorative items throughout the year.

The Gargano brothers have kicked off the 150th anniversary of the Fort Dodge city charter.

Their dedication — and their generosity — marks them as true Fort Dodgers, and we’re proud of them.