Let’s take time to reflect on 2018

The year had its ups and downs

In a short while, 2018 will be in the record books. That makes today an especially good time to reflect on the year that is about to end.

By any measure, 2018 has been a year with extraordinary events — nationally, in the Hawkeye State and in Fort Dodge. This issue of The Messenger includes a 2018 Year in Review section. We have revisited some of the year’s top stories in pictures. Regular readers of this newspaper will recognize that the newsroom team covered these stories thoroughly as they developed. Now, however, it is possible — with the perspective time affords — to see how each fits into the mosaic of a news-filled year.

Politics was front and center for much of 2018. There was, of course, a spirited governor’s race and many significant local contests.

The war in Afghanistan and troubles in Syria and throughout the region remained a concern. The military service of our fellow Iowans an ongoing news focus this year.

There were, however, other events that have especially large ramifications for life in north central Iowa. Positive developments in 2018 included a series of announcements regarding corporate investment in Fort Dodge and Webster County and the surrounding area with the potential to create many new jobs.

There were also some major distressing occurrences in 2018.

We revisit some of these key developments and much more, including the year’s sports highlights, in the special retrospective section.

The events of most interest and significance to individual readers will vary. Our mission as a daily newspaper is to bring news and information about an eclectic mix of topics to those who make The Messenger part of their lives daily. As 2019 unfolds, our commitment to being the region’s most-trusted source of news will remain the top priority for our news team.