This type of bias undermines FBI

Peter Strzok was the wrong person for sensitive investigative work

FBI agent Peter Strzok was emphatic to the point of flashes of anger during his testimony to a congressional committee looking into political bias at the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

In 2016, Strzok made his dislike of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump perfectly clear. “We’ll stop” Trump’s election, he vowed in one text message rant.

Strzok played an important role in an FBI investigation of Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. For a time, he was part of Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe of Trump. That ended when Mueller, learning of Strzok’s bias, told him to leave.

But at the hearing, Strzok was defiant. Political bias had and has nothing to do with how he or others at the FBI handle investigations, he told lawmakers.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee tried to defend Strzok and attempted to shield him from Republican’s questions. Clearly, the FBI agent is viewed as something of a liberal champion.

What of his believability, however?

Strzok’s anti-Trump tirades were so extreme and numerous that it is hard to believe his political views did not influence the way he conducted investigations of Trump and Clinton.