President’s speech called ‘reset’

Trump calls for bipartisanship, extends olive branch

Within minutes of the end of President Donald Trump’s address to Congress Tuesday night, it was pointed out that what he said was important — but how he said it was critical.

Trump covered a spectrum of issues, ranging from infrastructure to immigration. On some topics, he elaborated his positions in ways that surely must change some minds about him.

For example, on immigration, Trump renewed vows to find and deport those here illegally to pursue lives of crime, victimizing American citizens. He continued his pledge to build a barrier on our southern border to keep illegal immigrants out. But he also pledged to work to find a pathway for law-abiding immigrants to achieve legal status.

Through it all, Trump called for bipartisanship. He extended an olive branch to Democrats who have battled him not just on the issues but also with personal attacks.

Thoughtful analysts pronounced the speech a “reset” for Trump — an attempt to find ways to compromise rather than to confront.

Trump had every reason to be pleased with his address and with the reaction to it. The question now is whether his more vocal foes will accept the olive branch or slap it away.

That might be good politics for them — but they should think about whether it is good policy for Americans.


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