The terror threat must be confronted

How is it that a few small terrorist groups with relatively limited resources have been able to kill so many people in so many different places? We know the answer to that, but it raises another question: Why are the major powers of the world not doing more to stop the evil movement?

Not so long ago – before Sept. 11, 2001 -many of us would have been shocked into temporary mental paralysis by what happened just a few days ago in Nice, France. There, a terrorist used a truck and a gun to slaughter at least scores of people and injure many more in a crowd gathered to celebrate the French Bastille Day holiday, the equivalent of our Independence Day.

These days, such attacks do not surprise us. We have come to expect them.

Police have identified the murder as a Frenchman with Tunisian ancestors. Apparently, he was a “lone wolf” terrorist inspired, if not guided directly, by the Islamic State, al-Qaida or some other Muslim extremist group.

IS leaders feel the ring of military forces closing on them in Iraq and their stronghold in Syria. Reportedly, they are preparing their troops for what most of us would call defeat, but which they refer to as merely another phase of their campaign to subjugate the world.

In addition to preparing their troops to become terrorist operatives, IS leaders are encouraging more “lone wolf” attacks by supporters worldwide. They use a sophisticated, internet-based communications system.

How to stop them? First, a true coalition of great powers, led by the United States and Russia, must stage coordinated attacks on the IS, al-Qaida, the Taliban and any other Islamic terrorist group. They must be wiped out.

Second, those assaults must surround and cut off terrorist forces, so their members cannot melt into local populations.

Third, the Islamic terrorist communications network needs to be shut down. Surely we have the technological tools to do that.

Fourth, the people running that network should be found and eliminated.

And fifth, working with local populations of peace-loving Muslims, potential “lone wolf” terrorists need to be identified and either arrested or de-programmed.

Until and unless all that happens, there will be more horror such as that in Nice.


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