Democrats have made many promises

Democrats who gathered in Philadelphia for their party’s presidential nominating convention heard tons of promises.

Free college tuition, cheaper rents, expansion of Social Security, Medicare coverage beginning at age 55, millions more people on Medicaid, universal health care for everyone else, decriminalization of marijuana, a national $15 minimum wage, and bigger tax credits for those with low incomes and/or children are just some of the promises made by speakers at the convention or in the party platform.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But stop and think: Who’s going to pay for all this? Liberals would have us believe it all can be covered by soaking “the rich.” Never mind that their definition of rich – people who should pay higher taxes – extends well down into the middle class. Even draconian taxes on higher-income Americans would not raise the hundreds of billions of dollars the giveaway plans would cost.

That leaves more deficit spending. But the national debt already stands at $19.4 trillion, nearly twice what it was eight years ago. During the four days of the Democrats’ convention, about $10 billion will be added to it.

In typical liberal tradition, Clinton and her allies are willing to promise us the moon – and let us find out who really pays sometime after the election.