Democrats are set to back Clinton

Democratic Party leaders no doubt are gloating about this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where the party nominated Donald Trump for president. Democrats point to discord at the convention and protests outside. And, they note gleefully, there were some missteps in the speech by Trump’s wife, Melania.

Democrats, on the other hand, are united solidly behind their candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. No doubt they will present a polished convention next week in Philadelphia.

Well, yes. As their party always seems to do, Democrats are coming together behind Clinton. Even her erstwhile rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has endorsed her. There are not likely to be any interruptions in the process of coronating Clinton next week in Philadelphia. There will be few or no voices questioning the nominee or party policy.

But what a candidate they will have.

In addition to her many failings on the issues – energy policy, to name one of importance to local voters – Clinton is flawed deeply.

Not long ago, remember, FBI Director James Comey admitted she had not followed the rules on handling of national security secrets, but would not be recommended for prosecution because she allegedly did not do so with bad intent.

But for judgment calls by Comey and President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, Clinton might well be facing a grand jury rather than a convention. That’s unfortunate.

For many voters, it is nothing to celebrate.


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