Community outreach is vitally important

In many communities, there is a need to improve the communication between some of the people who live there and the police and other public officials charged with keeping residents safe.

An event Thursday afternoon demonstrated the commitment of the public safety professionals in our town and county to building bonds of trust between them and the citizenry. A multiagency picnic took place in Oleson Park. The goal was to facilitate positive interaction between these public servants and local residents in an informal atmosphere.

The picnic was part of a series of community outreach activities that have taken place locally that began last summer. Agencies that participated in the picnic included the Fort Dodge Police Department, Webster County Sheriff’s Department, Iowa State Patrol, Webster County Emergency Management and the Fort Dodge Fire Department. Representatives from the city of Fort Dodge, Webster County Dispatch and Trinity Regional Medical Center were also on hand.

It is anticipated that this year’s picnic gathering will become the prototype for an annual event. It should, because it is exactly the type of upbeat interaction with the public that helps strengthen bonds of trust between the community and public safety personnel. It is also an ideal forum for disseminating important information about crime prevention and an array of other topics that help make the community safer.

The Messenger applauds this event and congratulates the organizers and participants on an extremely well-conceived and successful undertaking.