Cleveland survives GOP convention

Remember the lead-up top the Republican National Convention in Cleveland? For weeks before it opened, there was speculation about violent demonstrations and confrontations among competing protesters as well as between them and police.

Well, the convention ended last week. Most of the fireworks seem to have involved Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s defiant refusal to endorse GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Out on the streets, there were demonstrations. There were a few physical disagreements – but nothing big or dramatic. For the most part, the peace was kept, even though some of the protesters were carrying guns openly.

The relative calm is to the credit of those who were carrying signs, chanting slogans and otherwise trying to get their points across.

But give the police credit, too. Local, state and federal officers did a wonderful job of keeping order while allowing demonstrations.

During the week, in fact, the most widely noticed event involving a police officer may have been the one in which a Cleveland cop joined hands with a couple of demonstrators, prayed with them and sent them on their way with hugs.

Law enforcement officers have been in many unpleasant headlines during the past several weeks. They deserve one for their feat of service and protection in Cleveland.