US economy remains unimpressive

President Barack Obama keeps telling us the economy is humming right along, restored to good health by his policies. But people who know the economy are not as certain of that.

Officials at the Federal Reserve, which controls interest rates charged in the United States, have said for months that it was nearly time to increase the charge for borrowing money, just as soon as the economy showed signs of having settled into a decent recovery.

It is clear to most Americans that this recovery from recession is among the slowest on record. And they are beginning to understand Obama’s policies are part of the problem.

During May, U.S. companies added just 38,000 new jobs, according to the Labor Department. That was the most lackluster improvement in five years.

Indicators such as consumer spending and business investments have not been good, either.

What is going on here is not good.

This is relevant to U.S. voters for one reason: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is Obama’s chosen successor, portraying herself as, in effect, a third term for the incumbent. If anything, she would intensify some Obama policies.

Given what Obama has done to the economy, what thoughtful voter wants a third term?