Investigation of Clinton is too slow

President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president did not compromise the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said recently. Almost beyond doubt, she is right about that.

But the interviewer who asked Lynch about the endorsement was asking the wrong question, and the attorney general no doubt was smiling inwardly as she answered it.

Of course Obama’s endorsement a few days ago had little if any effect on FBI investigators. They are intelligent people, most veterans of long service in the government. They knew the White House preference months ago, without being told.

Clearly, Obama would like for the FBI probe to just go away. That failing, a lengthy delay in concluding it would do nicely. Once Clinton receives the Democratic nomination for president next month in Philadelphia, it will be nearly impossible for the party to switch horses -even if a grand jury presentment on Clinton is made.

Every day the Justice Department delays taking action against Clinton helps her enormously.

People in the know in Washington have said that the FBI agents on the case as well as their boss, agency Director James Comey, are dedicated professionals who will not allow politics to affect their work. That is all well and good. But what about those on up the chain of command who have the power to delay action?

Lynch may be smiling about that, too.