Eggs and Issues is a vital forum

Many of the issues that members of the Iowa Legislature deal with each session are complicated. In some communities, it’s difficult for citizens to stay as informed about the decisions lawmakers make as would be ideal.

Locally, however, Eggs and Issues makes staying well-versed about what is happening in the state capital easier. This forum, which is sponsored by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance and Iowa Central Community College, is an opportunity for area residents to be updated regularly by state lawmakers. It also affords a superb chance for anyone who participates in the sessions to share their views with the elected officials who represent the area in the Legislature.

Eggs and Issues takes place monthly when the Legislature is in session. Wednesday, a wrap-up meeting provided attendees with a detailed review of the legislative session that just concluded. A recap appeared in Thursday’s issue of The Messenger. State Sens. Tim Kraayenbrink, R-Fort Dodge, and Jerry Behn, R-Boone, and state Reps. Rob Bacon, R-Slater, and Mike Sexton, R-Rockwell City, were on hand to share their perspectives. State Rep. Helen Miller, D-Fort Dodge, who usually participates, was unable to be present because she was traveling.

The Messenger is a strong supporter of the Eggs and Issues project. The dedication that area lawmakers have shown to making these meetings productive is greatly appreciated. Our only regret is that more people do not take the time to attend. We urge readers who wish to be better-informed citizens to add Eggs and Issues to their personal calendars when the forums resume shortly before the 2017 legislative session commences.