Jordan is a valued American ally

Americans may have no better friends in the Muslim world than the people and leaders of Jordan. Even before Islamic terrorists began making headlines on Sept. 11, 2001, Jordan was our ally.

Since then, the Jordanians have battled groups such as the Islamic State faithfully and effectively. Recall that it was a Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by the terrorists.

Jordanian King Abdullah II was in the United States this month.

Was he feted at the White House?


In fact, President Barack Obama made time for the king only because their airplanes happened to be at Andrews Air Force Base at the same time. The two met for about five minutes.

Five minutes for an ally so close Americans ought to think of Jordanians as real friends. They have earned better from Obama than a just few minutes of his time to confer with their courageous king.

On behalf of grateful Americans, we say “thank you” to King Abdullah and the nation he leads with such distinction.

Jordan’s solidarity with the United States is truly appreciated.