Building tomorrow’s community leaders

Leadership Fort Dodge has an ambitious mission. It seeks to develop community leaders “who are informed, dynamic, qualified and motivated.”

Now in its 11th year, the project endeavors to mold future leaders by providing them the background information and other tools they need to become positive forces in the community.

The program is now overseen by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. It got underway initially in 2005 under the auspices of the Fort Dodge Area Chamber of Commerce. Participants spend one day per month for nine months learning about many aspects of the community including criminal justice, education, economic development, government, health and human services, media and assorted quality of life topics. There is the opportunity to meet and engage in dialogue with city, county and state leaders. The insights gained regarding the inner workings of the community provide an excellent foundation for effective leadership.

In sponsoring Leadership Fort Dodge, the Alliance is helping ensure that there will be well-informed and highly motivated leaders in our town for many years to come.

The 31 enrollees in the 2015-2016 leadership program gathered this week for a kickoff session.

Many of the program’s nearly 300 graduates had already demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities before enrolling in this training opportunity. By devoting time to Leadership Fort Dodge, they have shown a desire to enhance these skills and increase their ability to lead effectively.

The Messenger applauds this impressive commitment to our community. Such enthusiasm for this city will help build a better future for us all.